Video of the Month

This one is all around amazing, happy video that showcases the power of music.

This video is a poignant example of how music can transform someone’s life. Social worker Dan Cohen creates personalized iPod playlists for the residents of a nursing home in an attempt to bring some joy to them. The reaction of an elderly inmate, Henry, was filmed as a part of the documentary, Alive Inside.

Bound to a wheelchair, Henry is unresponsive and depressed. But something magical happens when he is made to listen to music from his era. His eyes glisten with joy and he gently rocks his frail body as he enjoys the music. He even tries to sing along with the iPod!

People at the nursing home are amazed at the change that has taken over him! After just a few minutes of listening to his favorite songs, Henry is restored in some ways to the fun loving man he once was.

by Steven Whiteacre

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