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Poinciana Christian Preparatory South/2020 Summer Camp Fun

2020 Summer Camp in PCPS is officially in session. Praise the Lord for that. After three months of Distant Learning and being at home complying with at home orders, school was officially over. NOW WHAT? But to be honest, I had my reservations about placing my daughters in summer camp in general with all the fears of COVID-19; after all, I knew that keeping my daughters at home for another two months wasn’t healthy nor conducive to them.

2020 PCPS Summer Fun Camp

As a teacher at PCPS, I am blessed with the opportunity to work at PCPS summer camp and I do get to see at first hand the cleanliness, safety measures, and activities that were being planned out for the campers with the awesome camp directors and staff. I had a sigh of relief because it is where my daughters and other kids will be spending the greater part of their summer.

Doing it Right

To be honest, which is a characteristic that I value, and I am not writing to you in trickery. I was asked to write this blog about camp and how fun it is.  And while it is, I wanted to express to you that as a mom of two and a teacher in this campus nothing brought me more joy than seeing my daughters and other kids interacting each other. Truthfully, we did not have many campers to start with but with the unity of PCPS staff the numbers tripled within the first three weeks. This week has been amazing, as we keep each class to nine kids maximum; we clean, and sanitize we also love on our kids and show them the love of Jesus.

Fun in the Sun and in the Class

Our camp is filled with new activities every day, from outdoor fun, indoor games, and we even squeeze in some academics that the campers genuinely enjoy. My favorite activity was a Minute to Win It. It is a series of games that are played in teams with each tournament lasting a minute. I believe this was my favorite because I am a very spirited person. A Minute to Win It kept all players from all ages engaged, full of cheers, and with great excitement.

There is More Room

If you are a parent like me, if you would like to experience some “normalcy” in your life and in your home, I invite you for a tour of one of our four our campuses. You will experience an individual tour of our  campus by an administrative staff and get to see and meet the amazing staff and the kiddos at real time having fun! Not rehearsed, but safe, and in a Christian environment. Thank you and God Bless.